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Blame the Cat

Because we all need someone to blame for the crack.

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About Blame the Cat
It started with a cat named Bingley. Bingley was a fictional cat that belonged to one Rose Tyler in a fanfic. He was nothing but a figment of the author's imagination, and yet a fellow author felt poor, fictional Bingley was responsible for her frankly magnificent work of fanfiction.

She was told she could not blame the cat, because he was fictional, but she did anyway.

An thus this community's creation was inspired.

From time to time fanfiction authors are struck with very random plot ideas bordering on the edge of "crack" and want nothing more than to have someone to blame.

That is where we come in.

Blame something someone said.

Blame a community.

Blame your dog.

Blame the laundry.

Blame your strange little mind.

You can blame Bingley the cat, if you must. He is only fictional, though, so you might not get too far.

The Rules
Play nice, no harassing your fellow members if they happen to have a different opinion than you.

If your plot idea could be considered bashing, mind how you phrase it or simply put it under a cut if you are unsure, with a warning about it the possible character bashing.

Outside of that, everything is fair game.

Blame whatever spawned the fic idea, whether you've written the story or not.

Have fun.

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